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           The Bohemian Free Spirit and the fashion we love
Growing up as a free-spirited barefooted bohemian European child in a country with so much worldly culture and diversities was a blessing and a curse. The magical mystery tour of enchantment and enlightenment began in 1963 at the age of 7 upon our arrival in America via the’ Queenship’ Queen Elizabeth.
Remembering the matching outfits mother made with huge blue flowers, the white shiny Patton leather baby doll shoes that echoed like a tap dancer on cobblestone and the humongous white bow that dangled like rabbit ears. Our luggage resembled old beaten down gypsy treasure chests full of memorabilia tassels and fringe. There stood grandfather awaiting patiently at port New York with tears of joy wearing a feathered fedora gray hat leaning beside a big shiny pink Cadillac. I will never forget  that sweet overwhelming aroma of white leather and cigars.
As time went on the only difference in America was that our neighbors had a different mode of transportation. They drove volkswagons with peace symbols and graffiti while our closest bordering neighbors in Romania rode in on embellished wagons and stunning horses that shined like Christmas ornaments in a parade. The picture-perfect nostalgic moment.
The long-awaited journey was perfectly coordinated seemed to be the right time, the right place for a young free-spirited child to be. The perfect era where people came together in many groups inspiring creating a movement and spreading new ideas  changing the world.
The perfect era for new elements of style and bold fashion statements with music full of energy and inspiration. The birth of Mo-town. Music that inspired people and moved one’s soul and spirit while people danced in the streets. This wonderful magical era in time that seemed to define our being of existence and individuality.
An era when real interaction and communication did exist without silence where powerful voices carried
A moment in time that where heaven opened the gates to gift these colorful precious children with flowers in their hair and give love peace and hope.
They were just like me free-spirited and barefoot. Today this is called “earthing” and is known to have beneficial health factors behind that theory. Long hair and bare feet were never an option this was a way of life.
A time for bell-bottoms tie-dyed -t-shirts and new attitudes. A time for bursting vibrant colors of paisley print mixed pattern sleeves with endless flowing angel wings ready to take flight. Mother was a seamstress with a fashionable eclectic and flamboyant  a bohemian sense of style.
My mother was a seamstress she handmade and embroidered beautiful patches on those favorite yellow bell-bottom hip-huggin jeans that were cherished for many years to come.
A time when yellow was the popular color in those days. The song Yellow Taxi comes to mind.  The color of sunflowers and rainbows. I guess inheriting mother’s traits and that bohemian European fashion from a small peasant village in Yugoslavia paid off when it came to sense of fashion.
And wholly jeans!  I still  remember my girlfriend’s mothers yelling out the door , put some clothes on girls”ya all look like rag dolls heading to a corn festival”
Needless to say, or little did we know that, one day that style of fashion will be the hottest item selling today on the clothing racks at K-Mart.
Many people who observed these free spirited children often said they can see an aura around them called them free-spirited Rainbow and Indigo children depending on their age at the time
Reasons why it isn’t easy being a free spirit
It isn’t easy being a free spirit in a harsh world they endure many hardships, trials, and tribulation.
  1. A free-spirit has great empathy for people and feels their pain as if it is their own
  2. Discrimination and hatred is not a part of their makeup plan or journey
  3. Free-spirited people will find the beauty in the ugliest of any situations that come their way
  4. When they fall they fall hard eventually they will slap the dust right of their jeans and start all over again
  5. A free spirit can’t be caught they bounce around like butterflies. They seek to experience life and spiritual comfort.
  6. Many times they do not know they are free spirits or even what they want however when they find it a free spirit will know it.
  7. They are inventive, creative and put a lot of effort trying to better themselves to be one with the world
  8. A free-spirited friend will be the first to show up in times of need trouble or hardship
  9. Free-spirited people have a difficult time finding a partner because they are strong and independent.
  10. Free-spirits see their partners as equals and not less, a free spirit is also difficult to understand their different theologies and unconventional ways and needs to be loved and accepted for who they are.
  11. Free-spirited people are pioneers a diamond in the rough that prefer a flower in their in their hair rather than gold around their neck.
Handmade Mason boho jars with burlap twine bows and beads really simple to make and wonderful to display at weddings

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